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      Consultancy Service
      Project Design
      System Integration
      Device Integration

      By using OPC/Web service/RJ45/RS232 and many other M2M techniques, manpower can be reduced and production efficiency improved through managing the production & test equipment integrally, acquiring equipment status data automatically and controlling the process parameters, product quality and OEE(Overall Equipment Efficiency).

      System Integration

      By using DB/Web Service/REST and many other techniques, Enterprise ERP, SCM, PLM, OA, CRM, DFM and other system integration services are provided to speed up the information flow in enterprises.

      Automation Scheme

      Customizes flexible production line based on Industry 4.0, intelligent Cell workbench and Stereoscopic Warehouse related products are provided.

      Internet of Things

      Cloud-based and global-based remote device control is available, it is a brand-new communication platform of high-efficiency and low-cost. Through the use of RFID, zigbee, micro-nano sensor and other related techniques, tens of thousands to millions of concurrent connection devices can be easily handled, your products are stably and securely connected to IOT(Internet of Things).

      Pangus Way
      Pangus Way is the IMS implementation methodology. It follows the most advanced project management theory around the world and contains collective intelligence of all the Pangus knowledge workers. It was creatively put forward based on the practical experience of clients, being refined and perfected through 10 years of on site conducting. Each step of the Four Steps of Implementation conducted a detailed task decomposition, defined the specific job content, working hours, working style, responsible person, working achievements, etc.
      Secondary Development
      Every enterprise is facing a different situation or in different stages, it is natural that every enterprise has different needs. In order to offer clients good products, Pangus listen to clients’ advice respectfully and discuss the best solution with them, send our most professional field management team to conduct thoroughgoing investigation on site, dig deep to customer demands, and eventually give the most perfect scheme to clients. API and SDK are offered. Open source and supports development. We have experience tailoring functions to make a more reasonable process control, a lower cost and a higher efficiency for clients, that’s what we always pursue.
      Project Implementation
      IMS system is more than a software system, it implies advanced ideas of management. Choose IMS system doesn’t mean that the enterprise is a digital factory, the promotion, solidification and evolution of this ideology system within the factory is. Pangus has over 10 years experiences in on site management and project leading of world-class enterprises in manufacturing field, the combination with Pangus Way implementation methodology makes sure the system success.
      Application Training
      Application training is an indispensable process when the system releases online, it’s also an essential way to transfer knowledge from IMS to clients. Pangus has systematic training program contained in every project, including function explanation and hands-on training given by professional trainers, they’ll teach the clients face to face so they can get started easily and quickly.
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