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      IMS IMS
      What is IMS?

      IMS is  a unique closed-loop solution for intelligent electronic manufacturing. Through process optimization and Intelligent manufacturing as the core concept,it provides a  series management methods and tools, to increase production  efficiency and  production quality,shorten the production cycle and reduce production cost, to realize error-proof and total traceability management.

      What is the difference 

      between IMS and MES ?

      IMS is the upgraded version of MES!

      IMS=MES+process optimization+

      Industry 4.0+improved efficiency+

      fewer labor + so on 

      What Problems can IMS Solve
      • Complete traceability management system

      • Adjusttability and flexibity in production process

      • Transparency in production progress

      • Production efficiency improvement

      • Easy interaction with customer audit and delivery

      • Product re-call system implementation

      The IMS Brings
      • Enhance electronic comprehensive efficiency 10%
      • Reduce personnel of the warehouse and workshop 20%
      • Reduce the self-buying material inventory 30%
      • Achieve 4M traceability management
      • Five level error proofing system
      • Achieve personnel performance management and ashboard function
      4M Total Solution
      Comparison between IMS and Traditional Production Process

      The Factory of Traditional Electronics Manufacturing

      • 1. Inefficiency in production proces
      • 2. High manpower cost and difficulty from recruitment
      • 3. Instant analysis  and processes unavailable for equipment production data
      • 4. Disconnection between ERP and production
      • 5. Complicated engineering documentation and execution
      • 6. Unsystematic jigs and tools management

      The Modern,Intelligent Factory After IMS Application

      • 1. Reduce staffing substantially
      • 2. Reduce material WIP
      • 3. Improve Feeder turnover rate and reduce investment
      • 4. Reduce equipment downtime
      • 5. JIT production model 
      • 6. Comprehensive information、paperless
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