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      Company Profile

      Guang Dong Pangus Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. We are a professional intelligent manufacturing system integration solution service provider. The headquarter is located in Dongguan and branch offices are located in Suzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou, etc. As a key high-tech enterprise in China, we are committed to provide comprehensive consulting, scheme design, software and hardware system integration, construction and implement, operation and maintenance services to help enterprises build a smart market with high quality, high efficiency and low cost.

      Having strong R&D (researching and developing) capability, advanced solution and distinguished service capacity, Pangus Information provides quality services for clients. We have adopted international advanced management mode and computer software technology, established IMS (Intelligent Manufacturing System) , accumulated plenty practical experiences, and helped customers built nearly 80 smart factories, over 120 digital workshops and over 1500 automatic production lines.

      Pangus Information persists in the principle of “Customer First, Product Supreme, Project Rules”. Shouldering the mission of leading the intelligent manufacturing system field forward, Pangus is promoting the implementation of Industry 4.0 in China and contributes its efforts to the big picture of Made in China in 2025.

      Company Advantage
      CMMI-3 certification

      6 Technical Patents

      8 Registered Trademark Products

      China IMS Provider

      4 National High-tech Products

      National Hi-tech Enterprise

      Standing Director Member of National IMS Industry Association

      Standing Director Member of CSIA

      Standing Director Member of CEIINET

      Standing Director Member of China Service Alliance for Integration of Informatization and Industrialization

      Company video
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